The chic style of black and white decor

Today we will see images of a Finnish apartment with a very chic thanks to the two prevailing colors in decor: white and black. These are complemented only by a few touches of gray. But as you can see the actual color in this house is absent.

I am a person who loves the style that give black and white tones to an environment, but I recognize that color without totally not something to go with me. Still I wanted to present images of this apartment so you can get ideas. For though not implement in the whole house, maybe to one or two rooms we find them useful.

And let’s start with the main room. In it I really like the contrast it creates carpet black and white stripes (or not) with light wood floors. Highlight both the ground and the carpet and make an interesting combination. Also I like the quilt and contrast it with the white walls and natural light that filters through the window.

Let the living room of the apartment. This presents a strong industrial style well suited to the colors you are using. But I must admit that I love the overall feel of this room.

I like the leather sofa, coffee table, the pictures on the walls seem to blend perfectly with the style, etc.. The final touch is provided by the full board that the main wall. It’s something I had never seen in a classroom, but it at least looks good.

In the hall and the hall has played a lot with stripes. On the floor was easy to implement placing a striped rug. But the issue of the door was not so simple and I think that has fixed placing black electrical tape. The door of the stripes do not like much, but the way you created in the entrance with two love triangles joining.

By the way, eye to detail of the racks on the wall. If you never had happened now you know that with hangers can create a sea of ​​original racks.

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