10 Criteria for Healthy Homes and Clean

10 Criteria for Healthy Homes and Clean

Owning a home is one of the primary needs that need to be fulfilled as a human being. Humans need shelter from the hot sun and the cold rain. Therefore, the house will be a place to rest need to be maintained and kept clean. It is intended that the residents can still enjoy a time to rest even though the design of the bedroom in the house has not been fully as you wish. Having a healthy home would also need effort and discipline. As to whether the criteria for a healthy home that can be applied. Here are the criteria of a healthy home:

1. Non Dust

Problems may scatter dust is a problem that almost everyone experienced. Because this dust can arise very quickly. Moreover, if the position of the house was on a side road frequently traveled by motor vehicles. Of course, the object is exposed to dust should be cleaned before use. Especially if it relates to eating utensils.

2. Rarely There Mosquitoes

A house-sized and small-sized course there are animals – animals like insects. Insects are often seen usually mosquitoes. Insects usually suck the blood of this love in a place that no puddles. In fact, in places – places that are dark and have lots of goods could also be their favorite place. Although the existence of insects such as mosquitoes are considered a matter of course, but it helps you as residents maintain that other insects such as mosquitoes or ants. One way to know the cause of a lot of ants in the house does not dominate the room in your home.

3. Floor Not Slick

The rooms were sometimes almost forgotten is the bathroom. Although your activities all day outside the home, if they found the shower floor slippery already started it’s good to be cleaned. Due to the slippery bathroom floor indicates that the bathroom was not clean especially in the slippery floor, there are other impurities.

In addition to self-harm at the time went into the bathroom, this situation is also not good for health. Although the time spent in the bathroom is just a minute, this bathroom is a place that has a lot of germs, especially if not cleaned regularly

4. neat and orderly

The house is neat and orderly can be shown by the household that does not accumulate in one place. And furniture is placed according to their usefulness. Such as the kitchen equipment is placed in the kitchen.

5. Have Air Circulation

House occupied by you certainly need good air circulation. Because, if there is no air coming into the house, it will cause the area inside the house being stuffy. And this is certainly not good for health, especially respiratory. This can be minimized by using a type – type of roofs higher above the standard size so that the air inside the house is not easy to accumulate and stuffy.

6. Free Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms in question here is not a plant fungus. However, this fungus is more toward a damp areas so make it grow fungi that can result in stale air and unhealthy. It can be anticipated by using wallpaper wall beautiful. Because the function besides the wall wallpaper is not only to cover the mushrooms but also add accents in the house. In addition to decorating the house with wallpaper. You also need to know the advantages shortage of wallpaper that makes the house different. Or can redecorate home using paints that are free of mold and also provide an open area that can be exposed to the sun.

7. Getting Enough Lighting

Adequate lighting from the sun is very important. Not only for skin, but the sun is also good for the area in the home area. As a park area, rooms and more. The sunlight would provide warmth that can fit into the corner of the house is exposed to light.

8. Have Water

Water is the source of our life. Therefore, all human beings are no exception living in dire need of water. Good for consumption, and is used for washing and cleaning equipment. However, the limitations of water sometimes still occur somewhere. Therefore, this water must be maintained and used properly.

9. Have Equipment For Maintaining Cleanliness

Keeping the house is certainly no need equipment. Not just tools such as brooms and mops are needed. Other equipment such as brushes, mops rubber also is an example of the equipment required to maintain cleanliness in the home. Because the equipment is not only reserved one area or one room only. However, this equipment can also be used to clean the entire area of ​​the house during the rainy season or dry season.

10. There Sewers

The purpose of disposal here is not just about secondhand goods garbage or food that has been used. However, the disposal of which is produced from human body itself. Good drainage and proper is not located close to the water pumps that are in the house. Stools products of digestion of course not only has the scent is not pleasant, but it also has a lot of bacteria that can be harmful. Therefore, commonly referred to as latrines or septic – tanks need to be considered good – so disposal is happening in this house will not affect the quality of water to be used at home. Thus, the resulting water pump still has a good quality that are safe for use.

By knowing what the criteria for a healthy home will surely make you keep the home you live in a place that is safe and comfortable. Because as the saying goes, which reads “clean healthy base”. Then by maintaining cleanliness with automatic maintaining health. So that any possibility of disease in areas of the house itself is very little.

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